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TOUR: Ideal Food Basket - Corona West, NY

Today's store tour is just east along Corona Avenue from our last Cherry Valley Marketplace! While I don't know what the store was built as, I do know that by the 80s it was a Scaturro Supermarket, which used to have a pretty large presence in NYC but currently has only two locations. It later became a Compare Foods, then an NSA (Neighborhood Supermarket Association; a corporation that later morphed into America's Food Basket / Ideal).
Many Ideal stores have a very similar feeling to them, and they tend to more or less look the same. This likely comes from the fact that most Ideals are owned by the same person, Andres Ferreira. This particular one has nearly identical decor to the Bravo Supermarket in Dover (which is owned by Nick Gonzalez).
As with many stores, the decor is very nice (even though here it's probably 10-ish years old) but where the store really shows its age is the flooring.
Produce lines the left side of the store including a nice wide produce department, with meats on the back wall. Frozen and dairy are on the far side of the store, with deli in the front corner opposite the entrance.
As I've come to expect with Ideal, some very nicely stocked grocery aisles.
At least the floor is pretty consistent throughout, if not beautiful and modern. With a different floor and maybe a paint job on the ceiling, this store could look much more modern.
Frozen in the 10th (second-to-last) aisle.
Deli (and a heck of a lot more) in the last aisle.
There are some very nicely displayed sliced and block cheeses in a case at the end of the grocery aisle facing the deli.
And we can see that some modifications have been made since the renovation, such as the installation of new windows along the front wall of the store. Very nice!
And that about wraps up the Ideal on Corona Ave! There's another newly renovated Ideal at 108-02 Otis Ave in Corona, which looks really nice. We have one last store in Corona up next before we move into our next set of neighborhoods!

Ideal Food Basket

99-30 Corona Ave, Corona, NY
Photographed July 2018