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Snapshot: City Fresh Market - Corona South, NY

Today's Snapshot is for sure not one of the better-looking City Fresh Market stores (see Union City or Starrett City), but even though it's certainly older and smaller, it's still quite nice inside (see here, here, and here).
While driving by, I was unable to grab a picture that showed the whole name. We get two "City Fres" and one "ity Fresh." Sorry.
This store was previously an Associated (or is that a Ssociated Supermarket?). A&E also owns two other stores here in Corona, one up at 103rd Street and 39th Ave, along with a Cherry Valley Marketplace at Junction Blvd and Corona Ave, which we'll see in a few days. Both are larger than this City Fresh, and both have been renovated more recently. This store is located at 45-02 Junction Blvd, Corona, Queens.

Photographed July 2018