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TOUR: Key Food Supermarkets - Northern Blvd, Jackson Heights, NY

The Market Report caught this store while it was under construction, at least outside. Formerly a Compare Foods, this Key Food operated with the red Key Food lettering on the red Compare Foods awning for way too long a few years. An extensive exterior and interior renovation brought the facade to the more modern color scheme of beige and green, which we've seen before (see here). Also, let's take a second here to appreciate that that Rite Aid tower looks an awful lot like a Food Fair tower. Just sayin'.
We see an extensive interior remodel as well. The front half of the first aisle has been removed to make for a wide produce department, with deli/bakery on the left wall.
Nice deli too!
This Key Food is owned by Trofilo Guzman.
Hot food bar and bakery counter behind the deli. Produce continues down the second aisle.
Looking up towards the front of the store from the back wall.
And while this store isn't nearly as large as the Food Bazaar just up Northern Blvd, it's still a pretty solid 15,000 square feet. It certainly feels nice and large when you look across the whole thing.
Nice floor too. Beer and then meats line the back wall.
Nice grocery aisles with new (very tall) shelving and new flooring.
Dairy lines the last aisle, with frozen foods in the last aisle and on the front wall. All brand-new cases -- beautiful!
The only thing left over from the pre-renovation decor is the aisle markers, but they've been changed out since too.
Had a little trouble getting a front-end picture, but the store does have four new self checkouts.
And some nice graphics along the front windows wrap up our tour...

Key Food Supermarkets

86-02 Northern Blvd, Jackson Heights, NY
Photographed December 2018