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ShopRite - Rockaway, NJ

Last Saturday we saw the Linden, NJ ShopRite, a Glass Gardens-owned store. Here's another Glass ShopRite that I visited the weekend before Thanksgiving 2016. (As you could imagine, it was really crowded!) It's located right on the Dover border in half of an old Ames department store. Regardless, it's a very large store at over 70,000 square feet.

You enter under the ShopRite logo. There is a liquor department immediately to your right when you enter, and the pharmacy and customer service are to your left. Produce, deli/prepared foods, and bakery follow in the grand aisle. There is a Dunkin' Donuts at the front of the grand aisle.

You enter on the left; the exiting traffic is to the right.

A close-up of the wall decor over the produce department.

Entering the produce department from the main entrance. Notice the carpeted flooring! You'd think it would be hard to clean, but I guess there must be some reason for using it.

Looking along the front-end from produce and the entrance. If you notice empty shelves and cases like this, it's only because it was a crazy busy day.

Produce looking towards deli/prepared foods. Bakery is to the far left in the back.

Looking back up to the front of the store from produce.

Looking back towards the front of the store with deli/prepared foods to the left in an island. Produce is to the right.

Seafood follows bakery along the back wall. There is a seating area to the right of those chip displays to eat food in-store.

A surprisingly small seafood counter for such a large store.

Meats continue along the back wall of the store.

 Frozen foods are toward the far end of the store. Surprisingly, this store still uses coffin cases.
Dairy lines the far wall of the store.

The Dunkin' Donuts in the front of the store.

One last look at the (very crowded) front-end before we head out!

Here's the thing about the Rockaway ShopRite: it's a good store, but it's a boring store. The decor is mostly white and beige with muted tones, as was the style in the late 90s/early 2000s. Today supermarkets use more color, more textures, and better lighting around the store. But the prices, selection, and service are all pretty great here. So it's a good choice for food shopping, but not for a stop for interest.

Ideal Marketplace

439 US-46 E, Rockaway, NJ 07866
Open 24 Hours

My Rating:  
☆ for shopping
☆ for interest