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TOUR: ShopRite - Mohegan Lake, NY

ShopRite of Cortlandt
Owner: ShopRite Supermarkets, Inc.
Opened: November 2018
Cooperative: Wakefern Food Corp.
Location: 3140 E Main St, Mohegan Lake, NY
Photographed: May 2019
The 66,000 square foot ShopRite of Cortlandt opened in November 2018 replacing a 55,000 square foot store just west on Route 6. While the new store might be a little larger, mostly it's a better location, with the old one practically invisible from the street. Not only is the new one more visible, but it's also part of a larger mall. It's also, unfortunately, just across the street from a 66,000 square foot ACME that was acquired from A&P. While that store looks great, it still sports the A&P Fresh 1.0 decor.
This new-build store opened in November 2018, and I photographed it the following May. While it has the same decor package we saw in Thornwood, we can tell this store's decor is more deluxe.
Absolutely gorgeous. Everything is very well thought out, from fixtures to decor to layout. You enter to produce in the first aisle, with prepared foods and deli along the left-side wall with floral and a cafe in the front corner. I will say, I wish the store didn't have a drop ceiling, which really closes in the store. Compare that above picture to Vailsgate -- doesn't that look so much more spacious and open?
To go foods are towards the front, with ready-to-eat foods next and then deli at the back.
Absolutely outstanding decor. I also appreciate the consistency on wood texture, which appears on the decor, the fixtures, and the flooring.
The deli is actually somewhat small and is in the back corner, with bakery on the back wall.
A cheese island faces bakery, at the end of the produce case.
Amazing decor!
Very deluxe cheese display that has been going into SRS's latest remodels.
Looking along the back wall, we see a really nice seafood department, with meats and dairy continuing along the back wall. The grand aisle and HABA have wood-texture flooring, with polished concrete in the rest of the store.
Seems like looking down is so much better than looking up. Ceiling and lighting are not great. That said, the HABA aisles look gorgeous!
Customer service and pharmacy on the front wall. Notice that the ceiling here is in fact so low that the usual manager's offices are not over the customer service department. Instead, it looks like they may actually be over deli, where you can see some (well-disguised) windows.
Looking across the front-end from the entrance side.
Clean and well-stocked but somewhat old-looking grocery aisles. Compare this to the Food Bazaar in East New York, which opened around the same time (but was not a new-build store). Also, while I couldn't tell you for sure, I can't think of too many other stores that have polished concrete floors but drop ceilings. Most times polished concrete is paired with an exposed ceiling.
Looking along the back wall. Doesn't this look more like a very nicely renovated store acquisition than a new-build? I must say, it actually feels better in person than it looks in these pictures.
The frozen foods aisles look much more modern. Frozen foods take up the second-to-last aisle and one side of the last, with dairy on the back wall and on the other side of the last aisle. Beer takes up the front corner.
Very cool decor over the dairy section. I'm sure it's not intentional, but that "farm fresh" design to the left is awfully similar in structure to the old ShopRite logo (that's at Fairlawn).
Deluxe dairy decor here, with a very cool beer section in the front.
Moving along to a spacious front-end...
That wraps up our second and final Westchester ShopRite! If you're a ShopRite fan, we have three (and a half?) coming up in Connecticut, plus plenty more in the rest of New York and New Jersey. But up next we have the total antithesis of this modern new build store...


  1. "Doesn't this look more like a very nicely renovated store acquisition than a new-build?" Yep, totally agree on that! I was also going to say, that's typically when I see the polished concrete/drop ceiling combo. Lots of renovated older Kroger stores have that pairing.

    1. Yeah, as great as this store looks it doesn't feel like it's up to its full potential. The ShopRite in West Orange, NJ opened in 1994 but has been renovated twice since then, once around 2005 and once in 2019. You can see that store looks far more visually stunning than this one...


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