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TOUR: DeCicco & Sons - Ardsley, NY

We're heading southwest of the city of White Plains to tour our last two Central Westchester stores. This 10,000 square foot gourmet supermarket is located right in the center of the quaint village of Ardsley. In contrast to, say, Balducci's, this store is a great combination of upscale store-made products, specialty items, and basic groceries as this chain is affiliated with White Plains-based Krasdale Foods. We've previously toured a DeCicco & Sons in Larchmont, and although this store is older than that one, it's no less beautiful.
Well, it's not every supermarket that greets you with a gorgeous mosaic in the floor. The grand aisle contains produce, bakery, and deli/prepared foods. Cheese, beer, meat, and seafood continue along the back wall, with dairy and frozen at the far end of the store.
Produce runs under a replica tin ceiling with a heavy emphasis on organic products.
Bakery lines the front wall of the store to the right of the entrance, with deli and prepared foods (a huge selection, by the way) on the far right side.
Now if you look very carefully, there is in fact a seating area on the second floor above the deli and bakery counter. So of course, before we leave the first aisle, we've gotta head up there...
It's so rare that we get this view of the supermarket. All the better in an exceptionally beautiful store like this one!
Although the store is a rectangle, most of the grocery aisles actually run on the diagonal. The last few are straight.
Looking across the front-end. The registers are at the far end of the front-end.
Cheese and beer line the first half of the back wall...
...with a nice if slightly cramped meat and seafood department beyond that...
Oddly, there's not a whole lot of decor in the store (especially in the way of department signage). The only one I saw was frozen foods, which you can see in the distance in the second-floor picture. Heading over to the grocery aisles, we see a similarly cramped space intensified by the morning stocking in full swing...
An excellent selection of both specialty and basic items throughout, though, as I mentioned.
Asian and Kosher foods in the last aisle (seen here looking towards the front of the store). Frozen foods line the side wall, but for the life of me I can't remember where dairy is.
Looking across the front end, we see registers are opened with lightposts that are turned on or off. Even though this is clearly a much older DeCicco & Sons, it's still very beautiful. That said, I have a much newer, larger, and more impressive DeCicco & Sons photographed which will be coming to the blog soon!

DeCicco & Sons

21 Center St, Ardsley, NY
Photographed March 2020


  1. I didn't know floor tile mosaics were missing from my life. Great views from the second level as well, and I especially like the fixture from which the bananas are hung, around that support column.

    1. Yes, the banana display is wonderful, and so is the tile mosaic! Some of the older Food Bazaars have tile mosaics of fish behind the seafood department and the NYC skyline behind the butcher... but that's the tile backsplash, not the floor. A wonderful addition to this store!


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