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Update: CTown Supermarkets - Peekskill, NY

CTown Supermarkets
Owner: Wilson Narvaez
Opened: 2004
Previous Tenants: unknown
Cooperative: Krasdale
Location: 1049 Park St, Peekskill, NY
Photographed: November 2018
Kind of a new feature here at The Market Report, as I mentioned earlier. The update feature is replacing the Revisit, but generally I'm using update for only stores where something has changed. If we're just returning to a store to get more pictures or something like that, we'll stay with the tour/look inside/snapshot set.
We're returning to the newly expanded and renovated CTown in Peekskill, which we previously toured here. The 18,000 square foot store has been nicely remodeled on the outside, though aside from the small expansion in the front corner, it looks as though I caught the interior post-renovation in my 2016 visit.
The expansion on the right side of the storefront. I believe a second floor has been added here, which I'd assume is for offices or breakrooms.


  1. I was probably the only person excited to see what new logo you came up with as soon as you announced the update feature, but you did not disappoint.

    1. Thank you! I must say... these new(ish) graphics are just free things from Canva. But I can take credit for rotating the arrow 90 degrees!


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