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TOUR: Food Bazaar - East New York, Brooklyn, NY

We've seen this store before! Kind of. I've returned for a full store tour, and it was worth it! This 50,000 square foot former Pathmark opened in late 2018 after extensive renovations. Of the stores purchased by Bogopa Food Bazaar in the 2015-16 A&P bankruptcy auction, this location received the most extensive renovation.
You enter to a huge produce department in the front right corner, with seafood behind it. Meat and deli run along the back wall, with Food Bazaar's signature Wall of Values in between. Packaged meats are in the first grocery aisle, which is double-wide, with dairy and frozen at the far end of the store and beer in the front corner.
Returning readers of The Market Report will be quite familiar with Food Bazaar, and will know it's one of my favorite chains to shop at. This lower ceiling area would've been Pathmark's pharmacy.
This store features a brand-new, custom decor package that we haven't seen in any other location before. It's currently in use at this location and the newly opened Bronx Terminal Market store -- Food Bazaar's largest, at 83,000 square feet.
Lots of apples! Some apples seem slightly out of place...
Hard to say how these Market Basket (a New England chain) branded apples ended up in a Food Bazaar, but there weren't too many packages.
Gigantic seafood department in the back corner under an octopus-inspired rope structure.
A very large butcher counter is the first department along the back wall, with the wall of values next and deli-bakery at the far end.
Heading back to the grocery aisles, we see packaged meats in the first, extra-wide aisle.
Bulk and international products line the first dry goods aisle.
As much as I do love Food Bazaar, I do tend to find their grocery aisles just a little too narrow. It would help if they didn't have so many displays in the aisle.
Notice that, unlike other Pathmark conversions like Elizabeth, this location has an exposed ceiling instead of a painted drop ceiling. I like the exposed ceiling a lot better.
Two frozen aisles at the end of the store.
A holdover from Pathmark is the milk in the back corner. The windmill, however, is not a holdover from Pathmark.
Every fixture in the store is brand-new.
And in the front corner, we see some outstanding decor for the beer department. This corner would have been Pathmark's bread department.
Next to the beer department is a bank branch, which is certainly a leftover from Pathmark. Looks to have been renovated to coincide with Food Bazaar's renovation, though.
And now we come to the stunning front-end.
All Food Bazaar stores are designed entirely in-house by Bogopa's vice president of construction, so you won't see decor like this in any other stores.
And where Pathmark had some skylights in the ceiling, Food Bazaar takes it one step further.
Beautiful! And with that, our Ozone Park - Howard Beach - ENY group goes out with a bang. Up next we're moving north to Bushwick and Ridgewood!

Food Bazaar Supermarket

111-10 Flatlands Ave, Brooklyn, NY
Photographed December 2019


  1. I can see why you're so fascinated with this chain!

    1. I love Food Bazaar... I'm assuming you don't really have anything like it where you are, right?


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