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TOUR: City Fresh Market - Bushwick, Brooklyn, NY

We're heading diagonally across the street from yesterday's store to tour this beautiful supermarket. Formerly an Associated Supermarket owned by Bienvenido Nunez, it was acquired by Martin Espinal's A&E Supermarket Group around 2014 and became what I believe was the first City Fresh Market. (Over the next few years, A&E converted all of its various locations to either City Fresh Market or Cherry Valley Marketplace.)
A&E is still a member of Associated Supermarket Group, though the stores are no longer branded Associated. And despite the ASG affiliation, the stores do not sell Avenue A products; they sell a combination of Cherry Valley branded products and Parade, which is distributed in the New York area by General Trading of Carlstadt, NJ, which is owned by Retail Grocers Group (Fine Fare).
Like most A&E stores, this location is beautiful. You enter to produce lining the right side wall of the store, with a coffee shop and bakery in a small counter immediately to the left of the entrance. Deli, prepared foods, and additional bakery (breads and bagels) run along the left side of the first aisle in an island. Packaged deli and meats run along the back wall, with frozen in the second-to-last aisle. The store is just 11,000 square feet, but has a fantastic selection and beautiful presentation.
Bakery looking back towards produce in the first aisle. The entrance is just past bakery on the right.
Closeup of the deli and cheese counter.
Packaged deli is located at the end of the first aisle...
...with some very nice City Fresh Market-branded fresh pastas, which I haven't seen before at other locations.
Huge selection of meat substitutes, then the meat department continues along the back wall.
Although the grocery aisles are fairly standard, the shelving is very new and they're beautifully stocked.
Frozen in the second-to-last aisle, again looking fairly standard, but we get back to the really cool arch design in the dairy aisle...
And now for a look along the front end. Bakery and coffee to the left, checkouts in the center, and customer service at the right side. The sign in the foreground, by the way, says "Beer and Snacks" but my phone didn't like the fact that it was lit. Beer and snacks are in the first grocery aisle, behind the deli counter.
That's all for Knickerbocker Ave for now! We'll be heading back down to Myrtle Ave for a few more stores as we continue west through Bushwick.

City Fresh Market

229 Knickerbocker Ave, Bushwick, Brooklyn, NY
Photographed January 2019