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TOUR: Bravo Supermarkets - Bushwick North, Brooklyn, NY

First off, let me apologize. I don't remember the layout of this store at all. So in contrast to our usual tours, this one is going to be kind of a stumble-through. Anyway, this store has been a Bravo for many years and is located at the north end of the Bushwick Houses, a public housing complex which is bordered at the south by Flushing Avenue (see yesterday's former CTown on Flushing here).
Generally, I do remember that the store is divided into two rooms. The large room in the front contains a spacious produce department, a deli, grocery aisles, and checkouts. The back room has a few more grocery aisles, meat, dairy, and frozen.
A renovation around 2015 brought a new facade and I think a lot of interior changes to this 9900 square foot store. Many of the finishes inside are quite new, such as the floor and the produce cases.
General grocery aisles in the front room.
Below we can see where the front room (aisles to the left) connects with the back room (behind the wall and shelving to the right).
Heading into the back room, I believe the aisles run perpendicular to these aisles in the front and the first aisle is dairy, with frozen on a side wall and meats in the back. But I'm not too sure about that.
And there are some additional grocery aisles in the back room. This was clearly not part of the original supermarket, but I'd bet that it was not added in the latest renovation.
And meats on the back wall.
That wraps up our tour of this Bravo Supermarket! Very nice store and they do well with the awkward space they have. We have one more store to the southwest, really at the far west border of what you could call Bushwick, up next, so stay tuned!

Bravo Supermarkets

91 Humboldt St, Bushwick, Brooklyn, NY
Photographed January 2019