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TOUR: Pioneer Supermarkets - PLG, Brooklyn, NY

Bruno Corona's first store in Flatbush is this Pioneer, opened in 2007 and joined two years later by an Associated a few blocks to the north, which has been sold. This store, which is in the range of 8500 square feet, is slightly smaller than the Associated.
It does feel slightly larger though, as the ceiling is higher and exposed. I believe the produce department is also larger here, with a heavier emphasis on organics.
Meats continue along the first aisle, which is diagonal because of the wall that needs to be diagonal due to the grade-level subway line running immediately alongside this store.
So that the store can offer additional stock on top of the cases, there isn't much decor on the walls. However, an effort is definitely made with some hanging signs along the first aisle.
Dairy runs along the back wall of the store.
Like the Associated, this isn't the newest and sparkliest supermarket, but it's in nice shape and clearly well-maintained.
This Pioneer did seem to be marginally better stocked than the Associated.
I'm assuming this space was  not built as a supermarket, as it's very awkward. In addition to the diagonal aisles, there's a protruding space that extends behind the neighboring storefront that contains frozen foods.
Looking back towards the first aisle.
Dairy corner in the last aisle. The blue flooring signals the beginning of frozen...
We get some short, cramped aisles in front of frozen foods before reaching deli on the front end.
Beverages and beer in a grocery aisle.
Deli on the front wall which is diagonal too...
Customer service is on the front end opposite deli, between the entrance and exit.
Now, Pioneer is a block west on Parkside Avenue from Flatbush Avenue, the main thoroughfare. We're going to jump back over to Flatbush Avenue for four more stores before we get into central Flatbush, where we'll turn onto Church Avenue. Stay tuned!

Pioneer Supermarkets

191-199 Parkside Ave, Prospect Lefferts Gardens, Brooklyn, NY
Photographed May 2019