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TOUR: Tops Friendly Markets - Penn Yan, NY

Tops Friendly Markets
Opened: 2010
Previous Tenants: P&C Foods
Location: 321 Liberty St, Penn Yan, NY
Photographed: August 2020
It's time for our final Tops tour of the Finger Lakes! We're at the northeastern tip of Keuka Lake in the largest town on the lake, Penn Yan, where we saw an independent store yesterday. Keuka Lake is different from the other Finger Lakes because it's Y-shaped. At the northeastern corner is Penn Yan, with Branchport (where we're headed next) at the northwestern corner, and Hammondsport at the southern tip.
Yet another Tops converted from P&C, just like Skaneateles, Waterloo, and Watkins Glen. This one is much like Skaneateles as it's very recently renovated and looking great, and at 38,000 square feet, it's a fairly large supermarket.
Ah, I love the fire exit floor plans! You enter in the bottom left to produce in the front left corner. Deli lines the back part of the first aisle with bakery at the end of the first aisle. Meat and seafood line the back wall, with frozen in the front right corner and beer next to that.
The store is looking fantastic! Produce is especially nice with a great wood-look floor and black ceiling, with very colorful graphics on the walls.
Deli lines the left side of the back part of the first aisle, with cheese and other packaged deli items in the middle.
And the grand aisle wraps up with a very nice bakery at the back of the aisle.
Continuing along the back wall of the store, we see the meat and seafood departments with a service counter about halfway across the wall.
Very organized and clean grocery aisles, but unfortunately not that exciting.
Notice the organic signage in the grocery aisles. As I mentioned, Tops is integrating natural food products into their regular grocery aisles, and we'll see where natural foods used to be here.
This store has been expanded so many times over the years that the ceiling has many different heights.
Beer in refrigerated cases in the second-to-last aisle.
Milk and juice, looking a bit empty at the end of the day, is located at the back of the last aisle. Dairy continues down the last aisle...
Looking down the dairy aisle from the frozen corner in the front.
It feels like there's a lot of different signage for the frozen department, but it's not a bad thing. It feels just right in person.
Next on the front wall is beer and seasonal items, previously natural foods...
And part of the decor on the front wall includes an old (undated) picture of downtown Penn Yan. The best part is, not only does the Keuka Restaurant still exist, but I actually had just eaten there before coming to this Tops. Great food, highly recommended!
And one more look across the front-end before we head out.
Our next stop is Penn Yan's third supermarket, just south of downtown, here on The Market Report!


  1. Was there any obviously missing section in this store?

    Only seems like there should be another sign under the Café to match the two (Deli Bakery) on the other side, but maybe not?

    1. Great catch! That was the pharmacy. Would've been on the front-end -- you can see where the section was in the fire exit plan. Between frozen and customer service.


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