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Snapshot: Tops Friendly Markets - Waterloo, NY

Tops Friendly Markets
Opened: 2010
Previous Tenants: P&C Foods
Location: 1963 Kingdom Plz, Waterloo, NY
Photographed: August 2020
Here's a look at a 49,000 square foot former P&C Foods just outside of Seneca Falls at the top of Cayuga Lake. The store appears to have been approximately doubled from its original size.
Inside, this store has the same decor package as the Tops in Skaneateles. If you're like me and you like Tops, don't worry! We'll be seeing three more before we leave this region, plus one former location over on Grocery Archaeology. But for now, our next stop is a smaller store in between Seneca and Cayuga lakes right here on The Market Report.


  1. The decor is pretty standard for any of their early 2010's stores - including the converted Grand Unions. It's not very interesting.

    1. Yep, agreed. That's my feeling a lot of the time with Tops -- not very interesting, but from the times I've shopped at Tops beyond just stopping in for one or two items, I've enjoyed the experience very much. Great for shopping, boring for visits. Do you agree?


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