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TOUR: Big M Supermarkets - Ovid, NY

Ovid Super Market
Owner: Suzanne Cirencione
Opened: 1970
Previous Tenants: Unknown
Cooperative: Big M Supermarkets
Location: 7174 Main St, Ovid, NY
Photographed: August 2020
Now onto our second look at a Finger Lakes Big M store! (See the Bloomfield location here.) This store recently changed ownership and has been fixed up a bit. Today, it's looking very good, compared to how it looked in 2007.
The 12,000 square foot store appears to have been expanded very much from its original approximately 4600 square feet. It's recently been remodeled lightly with new roofing and awning outside, plus new flooring inside as we'll see.
We enter to a small but very nice produce department in the first aisle. Notice the new flooring and updated produce bins.
Looking back up towards the front wall of the store. Customer service is just around the corner at the far side of the produce case in the expansion, with chips and beverages in the back part of the expansion.
Heading over back into the main store, we find a nicely updated meat department as well, with the deli in another expansion at the far side.
Looking across the back wall.
Now back to the second grocery aisle, which has the rest of produce.
Big M sells Best Yet brand products.
And at the back of the store, deli/bakery is located in a separate room off the back wall.
Here's the doorway to the deli. Because the room is small, I had a hard time capturing the whole thing in one picture, but here's the deli counter and a bakery shelf...
Frozen foods line the last aisle. Looks like these cases are very new.
A look at the registers on the front end, and customer service in the expansion next to produce...
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