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Look Inside: Tops Friendly Markets - Hancock, NY

Tops Friendly Markets
Opened: 2001, 2013
Previous Tenants: Grand Union > Tops > Grand Union Family Markets > Tops
Location: 16 W Main St, Hancock, NY
Photographed: May 2018
Contributor: Retail Regents
Our friends over at the Retail Regents blog submitted these photos of the Grand Union-turned-Tops-turned-Grand Union-turned-Tops in Hancock, NY, right at the Pennsylvania border. Check out their blog for more pictures of this store and lots other across New York!
Like many Grand Union-Tops conversions, this one retains many of its original Grand Union elements. One original element is the exterior, which you may recognize as nearly identical to what we saw over at the Newfield Grade A.
Very Grand Union front-end! The lower ceiling panel and checkout lights are original to Grand Union's previous renovation. The 12,000 square foot store might be tiny for a chain supermarket, but the next closest supermarkets are a Big M 13 miles north in Deposit and Peck's Supermarket, an IGA 23 miles south in Callicoon. I hope to get up to this area someday but for now, those plans are on hold.


  1. Tops has updated the register lights in a few location (i.e. Bolton Landing and Tannersville), so I don't know if they still have them here. I know the Northville one still has theirs.

    By the way, these pictures were actually photographed in May 2018. The area is pretty desolate so I don't really want to return to that area.

    1. Makes sense. And thanks for the date correction, I've fixed it above. That's exactly why I haven't been out this way although I've done a lot of the Hudson Valley and northeastern PA... there's just kind of not much here.

  2. Just about any of those GrandTopsGrandTopsUnions are likely to be in the same setup (maybe excepting Tannersville) - smaller, older and little if any changes made by their new(er) ownerships.

    After the bankruptcy in 2001, the Grand Union stores that stuck around were those with little (or no, as you show here) real competition (it wouldn't be a surprise if those other two stores you mention aren't much different in setup, just different brand names), which means they are likely both reasonably profitable and that they didn't see much point to doing major work on them (unless it was replacing something that was just not working).

    After all, in some of these areas it's not even going to be that easy to get items delivered to you from the online services, and people may go a longer distance occasionally for a major trip but they are likely to get most of the business no matter what they do (or don't) do.

    1. Yes, exactly. All of that. This also seems to be the type of store Tops runs well, small locations in desolate locations with little competition. And as you probably know, I like Tops a lot.


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