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TOUR: Foodtown - Georgetown, Brooklyn, NY

Foodtown of Ralph Avenue
Owner: Daniel and Noah Katz
Opened: Unknown
Previous Tenants: Unknown
Cooperative: Allegiance Retail Services
Location: 1958-66 Ralph Ave, Georgetown, Brooklyn, NY
Photographed: August 2020
Georgetown store tour 2/3 here, the others are linked at the bottom of the post. This 18,000 square foot store is owned by Mount Vernon-based PSK Supermarkets, co-owned by brothers Noah and Daniel Katz, the latter of whom is also the CEO of Allegiance Retail Services, the cooperative that runs Foodtown. This is what I believe to be the only Foodtown International-branded location, and I'm not entirely sure what that distinction means. You enter on the left side of the store to produce in the first double-wide aisle with deli and seafood at the back. Meats line the back wall, with frozen actually in the middle of the store and dairy in the last aisle. (That makes me wonder whether this was originally an A&P or Waldbaum's, which would've later moved into the Georgetowne Shopping Center two blocks south.)
Deli and bakery are in the back corner, with seafood right next to them. There is no service bakery but it does look like they bake in-store.
I'm actually a big fan of this store's decor, even though it's a bit dated. We'll see some signage that has definitely seen better days, but the service counters look great.
Service butcher is just around the corner from seafood, and meats run along the back wall of the store. Here we can begin to see signs of the store's age...
With the falling "r" in "butcher" and extremely faded food picture sign (which would've looked great originally), we can see signs of wear and tear in the meat department. But look how nice that floor is!
Frozen foods looking very good with pretty new cases. (Unfortunately, the stacks of black and white toilet paper packages on the right side are Urban Meadow branded, or the Key Food storebrand. The other two supermarkets in Georgetown are Key Food affiliated, but this one isn't.)
Grocery aisles looking very good though, even if the aisle markers are also a little faded.
More Urban Meadow toilet paper in the paper goods aisle. It's possible the Foodtown brand was in short supply but both are produced by C&S Wholesale Grocers, so it was just switched out for one order.
Dairy in the last aisle. Every cart in the store, by the way, was a Pathmark cart and quite a few still say Pathmark (though most had Foodtown decals).
Nice front-end with a few clouds hanging over the registers! Make sure to check out our tours of the Key Food to the north and the FoodWay to the south, too.


  1. Some of the blue carts are former Toys Я Us carts, most notably the ones with the diamond-patterned lower rack. They used to have an assortment of wire carts, including some Waldbaums and possible A&P units.

    1. Excellent point, thanks! I always forget about the Toys R Us carts.


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