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TOUR: ShopRite - Fishkill, NY

ShopRite of Fishkill
Owner: SRS (ShopRite Supermarkets, Inc.)
Opened: 2001
Previous Tenants: Grand Union (planned, never opened)
Cooperative: Wakefern Food Corp.
Location: 738 US-9, Fishkill, NY
Photographed: May 2016
I photographed this ShopRite, like the nearby LaGrangeville location, in the very early days of my photography. For reasons beyond my comprehension, I petered out about halfway through this store tour. So expect heavy coverage of the grand aisle and nothing much else. Oh well. Anyway, this store is located just outside Beacon in the Hudson Valley, where we toured a Key Food.
This store was planned as a Grand Union, although the chain went under before this store opened. ShopRite (Big V at the time, later SRS) purchased this 60,000 square foot in-progress store. It was likely intended to replace the Grand Union at 1004 Main St in Fishkill, which once looked much more Grand Union-like.
Floral department immediately inside the entrance.
This very attractive decor is the second-newest decor package for SRS, the newest one being seen in LaGrangeville. We can also see the bones of this decor still present in Thornwood.
As was once popular, the ceiling around the perimeter is much lower than the center store ceiling. An odd choice for sure.
Prepared foods on the right side wall with deli and seafood at the back of the first aisle. Meats run along the back wall with bakery on the front wall opposite the entrance.
An overview of the first aisle.
This sign over in produce is pretty nice, but doesn't match anything in the rest of the decor. It doesn't look like a custom ShopRite sign.
A very attractive cheese department facing produce.
I'm assuming much of the layout remains from Grand Union's plans, though I'd also assume that some of the more deluxe touches like the olive bar, cheese counter, and prepared foods were added by ShopRite as they're pretty much standard compared to other SRS stores.
Looking along the back wall of the store from the first aisle.
At seafood, we can see how the decor is modified and scaled down to fit into the store's lower ceilings. Still very attractive though! Unfortunately, that's where my tour ends. That's all for Fishkill!


  1. Never knew this was supposed to be a GU (only went through that area after it was a ShopRite). Looks a bit different than the model GU was doing just before bankruptcy (if you can get a street view of the Ocean State Job Lot across from Marist in Poughkeepsie, that building, also never completed as GU still looks just like the one that did get completed in Albany). Has similarities with the entry section, but more rounded - though perhaps it depends on how much was built when the change in stores occurred.

    1. Yes - although I was under the impression that those stores were designed as MegaSave locations, no? That would be a slightly different format than this smaller scale, more traditional grocery store format.

    2. Yes, both of them were Megasaves.


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