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TOUR: CTown Supermarkets - Norwalk, CT

CTown Supermarkets
Owner: Edwin Sanchez
Opened: 2013
Previous Tenants: Compare Foods Supermarket (2010-2011)
Cooperative: Krasdale
Location: 7 Washington St, Norwalk, CT
Photographed: May 2019
This CTown opened in 2013 replacing a short-lived Compare Foods in central SoNo. The storefront faces a huge municipal parking lot, while the back actually faces Washington St. The side that faces the street has been nicely designed. A pleasant (and gentrifying) business district lines the other side of the municipal lot just around the corner on Main St.
Like the downtown Key Food, this store is absolutely packed with merchandise. The produce department takes up the front corner, with dairy in the first aisle. Service deli, bakery, and butcher line the back wall with frozen and meat in the last aisle.
While the store was a little disorganized, there was a lot of stocking going on. All signs point to this store doing a big business.
Looking from the produce department in the front corner down the first aisle. The service departments line the back wall.
No signage, although it almost looks like there was previously (notice what appear to be brackets on the wall). I am a big fan of this store's color scheme, with the lime green dominating throughout against the dark polished concrete flooring.
Very large international selection relative to the store's size -- pretty much standard for CTown. Excellent pricing too.
Meat on the side wall, with frozen foods facing. All the fixtures here seem to have been brand-new at the time the store opened in 2013.
Nice front end, with even more grocery stock around the registers!
That's about all for Norwalk, before we head to our next stops (Stamford and Greenwich) via a small town on the way. Come back tomorrow for a stop in Darien!