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TOUR: Bravo South - Sunset Park


Now for today's store tour...

For those of you scratching your head over the title of today's post, just check out this post's counterpart, Bravo North - Sunset Park, which is about 10 blocks north.
This Bravo has not been renovated as recently as the northern Bravo, and appears to be under different owners.
4th Ave is a very busy thoroughfare through Sunset Park, and is far less pedestrian-friendly than 5th Ave. It didn't help that the day I chose to visit these stores (although it was in the middle of February) was, at the highest, 81 degrees, with no shade in sight. Anyway.
Interesting that "meats" is the one thing that the store chooses to advertise on its vertical sign. I guess that's a major focus, because there are numerous bodegas and "deli grocery" stores around, none of which sell fresh meats and very few of which sell fresh produce.
Obviously this store is far less upscale than the other Bravo and much more utilitarian. That said, it still has a pretty decent selection of food, including fresh products.
And, of course, lots of ethnic products. And personal care items on top of the salad mix bags.
The first aisle (which, of course, is aisle #4) contains dairy and some frozen foods.
Tiny deli at the back of the first aisle. And you've gotta love the homemade cardboard-box shelving for tortillas on top of the deli!
Second aisle (#3, of course), stocked with canned fruit and whatever is behind these crates of fresh (loose) bread.
Assorted stuff along the back wall of the store.
Dairy and meat line the last aisle.
Meat is in the front of the aisle. There is no butcher counter, although they do seem to prepare/cut meats in-store.
Looking towards the back of the first aisle.
Now for these last two photos...I have absolutely no idea what we're looking at or where they were taken. The various walls confuse me, although the store has a wall down the center where two spaces were combined.
This photo, however, is clearly showing the front-end. I think there are four registers, and we can also see the former dividing wall. This Bravo was a little too chaotic and claustrophobic, even for me.

Bravo Supermarkets

5818 4th Ave, Brooklyn, NY
Open Mon-Sat 8AM-10PM, Sun 8AM-9PM
(718) 567-0910
My Rating: ★☆