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TOUR: Strawberry Field - Sunset Park

Just about a block south of El Rancho is another very small grocery store. Strawberry Field is, however, slightly larger and is also newer.
Strawberry Field opened in 2014 in a former electronics store. It's all of three aisles wide but it goes very far back.
Strawberry Field does have a service butcher and a small deli in the front, as well as a small selection of fresh produce. Dairy and frozen foods are towards the back.
Here's a look at the store and the block it's on. As you can see, it's a very busy area with a lot of pedestrian traffic, and that's how a small store like this can stay in business with another almost identical store a block north and a big Key Food a block and a half north.
I think most of the store's produce is actually outside. And there's some nice strawberries, 2 lbs / $3! Notice also that the store is a Shop Smart Food Market with Krasdale.
Heading in, you can see the small produce department in the front with the butcher to the right.
This kale looks absolutely beautiful.
Butcher and deli selection in the front.
Frozen continues along the first aisle.
Above, looking towards the front of the store.
The dairy cases follow frozen foods.
Now we're looking at the back of the store. On all the previous pictures, we'd been looking towards the front. Was I walking backwards through the store?
Dairy continues along the back of the store. This, by the way, is pretty much the width of the store. It's tiny. So it's remarkable that they manage to squeeze as much selection in here as they can.
Looking back down the first aisle.
Aisle #2. While I typically like polished or exposed concrete floors, I'm not sure they work here. It looks fine, but I think a tile or even fake wood floor might look better.
Soda corner in the back of the store.
And aisle #3. That about wraps up our tour of Strawberry Field, a very small yet very complete grocery store! We're heading west to Fourth Ave for Friday's store tour...

Strawberry Field

4505 5th Ave, Brooklyn, NY
(hours unknown)
(718) 437-0202
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