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Memorabilia: Sav-A-Center Basket

Continuing the theme of shopping baskets from last week, here's a look at a shopping basket from Sav-A-Center, sent in to The Market Report from contributor V West.
This basket presumably originated from a New Jersey-area A&P Sav-A-Center, although it's strange that it doesn't include the A&P logo. There were other Sav-A-Center divisions, although it's unlikely that a Sav-A-Center basket would come from farther away. Can anyone confirm this?


  1. Depends on where your contributor is from! A&P Sav-A-Centers mainly used regular A&P (or selected banner) baskets. The Sav-A-Centers in metropolitan New Orleans is most likely where this came from.

    1. Thanks! I don't know where the contributor is from, but supermarket stuff also sure has a way of growing legs and moving around the country.


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