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Happy Birthday to The Market Report!

Exactly TWO years ago today, this blog began as the NJ Supermarkets blog! Today we're celebrating the second anniversary of the blog with more than 360 posts and 80,000 views. Once again, thank you to everyone for reading!

As you've probably noticed, also, the site looks a little different now. Because I am restless and impatient, I will switch out the photo at the top of the blog every once in a while, maybe once a month. Any thoughts on the new design? (Other feedback is welcome here.)

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Now let's begin the Bay Ridge-Sunset Park group of stores! Scroll down to see today's tour of a Food Universe Marketplace in Sunset Park.


  1. Happy anniversary!

    On mobile all I can see is the new banner, but I do like the picture you chose :)

    1. Thanks! Yeah, it's really just that and the darker background. I'm working on better navigation menus to complement the existing ones when you click the "navigation" button, also.

    2. You're welcome! And sounds good! Had to click "view web version" to see those. The mobile site is literally just the top banner and the posts themselves. The KISS principle. I do like that, though - makes it super easy for mobile users! Hated when flickr got rid of their mobile site...

    3. Yeah, I like the streamlined mobile version but it can be hard to navigate. I hadn't seen that Flickr got rid of the mobile version -- but I'm also not using Flickr anymore.


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