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Memorabilia: Grand Union Bakery Case!

While stopping in a small grocery store/deli for lunch near Wurtsboro, NY (I've tried and failed several times to locate the exact location), I was caught by this bakery case. I suspected, and later confirmed, that it was from a Grand Union. Again, if I could get the exact location of this stop I made, I might even be able to tell which GU it came from.
Another reason I want to locate this place is that the food and service were fantastic! We ordered (freshly-cooked) mozzarella sticks and for whatever reason the cheese leaked out of a few, which the worker apologized for before bringing us a second, new order of better mozzarella sticks for free. (There wasn't even all that much wrong with the first order!) I wish I could recommend this place but have been unable to find it.

Photographed May 2017


  1. Neat find! And wow, that's some great service indeed...

    1. Yes! Wouldn't it be fantastic if I could get the name of the place to give them a great shoutout? Oh well...


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