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Revisit: Freshway Supermarket - Fairview, NJ

We're here once again at the Fair Ridge Mall in Fairview, NJ to return to the store that we saw:

Note that all of those stores were owned by the same person, Kevin Kim, a supermarket owner out of Queens. Kim has at this point sold or closed all of his stores except this one. We've seen his store in Plainsboro and Belleville, and a few of his other stores will be coming soon to the blog.
As I mentioned, this is his last store and it's pretty obvious that this one is closing as well. Many of the shelves are empty around the store, but where it was most obvious is the meat department -- so often a centerpiece department that makes up for most of the store's perishable sales.
Well, you'll notice this store's service butcher is closed and covered over with paper from the circular the store no longer uses. Oh, and although these signs are all still there, the entire case is only eggs now. Unfortunately this store will be gone very soon, and it's going to be interesting to see what (if anything) replaces it.

Photographed May 2019