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Snapshot: Grand Union (former) - Oakland, NJ

Continuing yesterday's theme of Grand Union by taking a look at a former Grand Union here in Oakland, NJ. The store has been subdivided between Staples (shown here) and the Oakland Giant Farmers Market, a very large farmers market/gourmet grocery store type thing that I would love to visit sometime but haven't gotten around to yet.
The Grand Union competed with a nearby A&P and a ShopRite. It's located at 350 Ramapo Valley Rd, Oakland, NJ.

Photographed July 2018


  1. Right behind it are two (!) former A&P Centennials in the same shopping center, or at least I think. Either a larger one replaced a smaller one, or one end of the building was made to resemble the other. The former is probably more accurate because that's the situation in the Preakness section of Wayne, not too far away- one Centennial replaced another.

    1. Either one is possible, and I've covered one of the stores here:


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