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Snapshot: ShopRite - Carteret, NJ

The ShopRite of Carteret opened in the 1970s in a former Food Fair, moving from a nearby streetfront location. It's the only store owned and operated by the Sitar family -- and has a very friendly, neighborhood store feeling.
These pictures come from September 2016, prior to the most recent renovation which made changes both inside and outside the store.
Most notably, the entire facade is no longer blue. You can see a newer picture here and a shot of the interior here. The store is located at 801 Roosevelt Ave, Carteret, NJ.

Photographed September 2016


  1. I believe this is the plaza where the Dollar Tree (listed on the sign in the Google Maps photo) was originally a DE Jones store.

    That chain itself (also known as D&K up this way in NY) disbanded many years ago (with Dollar Tree buying many of the locations) but the last store of the former chain was around until the fire this past spring on the Ocean Grove Boardwalk that destroyed the old pavilion right on the ocean (the store was known as Jones Treasure Grove there in later years).

  2. The present Carteret Shop Rite was previously the site of a WT Grant variety store. I worked at WT Grant as a stock boy in the 1960's. In June of 1974 there was a huge fire in the Carteret Shopping Center that destroyed 14 stores including WT Grant.
    Shop Rite was originally opened in 1950's by John Sitar. I remember the old Shop Rite on Washington Ave. near the high school. I always liked Walter Sitar...RIP.

    1. Thank you for the information! I remember seeing a picture of the old Sitar's Shop-Rite in the past.

    2. Zach, I have a photo of the original ShopRite taken in 1954 on opening day with large crowds waiting to get in and I'd be happy to send it to you if you'd like.

    3. That would be fantastic, thank you very much! Could you email it to me at I've gone back to this store and photographed the interior and exterior post-renovation, so would you mind if I post that picture (with credit, if you like) when I post the store tour?


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