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TOUR: Wegmans - Hornell, NY

Wegmans Food Markets
Opened: unknown
Previous Tenants: none
Location: 1000 NY-36 N, Hornell, NY
Photographed: August 2020
Despite my general feeling that Wegmans stores are not all that exciting, we've got another tour of their location here in Hornell. At just over 80,000 square feet, it's actually on the smaller side for a Wegmans yet one of the largest supermarkets in the Southern Tier.
You enter to a produce department with cheese at the back of the aisle. Cafe, prepared foods, and deli (all of which is far smaller than Wegmans' newest stores) line the first aisle to the right, with meat and seafood along the back wall, bakery then pharmacy/HABA in the first few aisles to the left of produce, and beer, dairy, and frozen at the far end. As we'll see, the frozen department had some work going on at the time of my visit.
Subs are on the front wall next to the cafe. On the other side of the cafe is pizza with deli behind it.
While the decor has been updated here, you can tell that this is a much older Wegmans from the layout and size, selection (for instance, this store has no organic produce), and here -- notice the flooring.
At the back of the produce aisle is floral and cheese in islands with meat-seafood on the back wall.
As we can see, these counters are much, much smaller than most Wegmans have.
Meats along the back wall. We can see how the bones here are clearly older.
Bakery on the other side of produce, with pharmacy on the back.
Beautiful selection of self-service baked goods!
Looking at the back of the pharmacy department at HABA.
Notice the orange and yellow flooring with brown outlines. New Wegmans, of course, use polished concrete.
Otherwise, the grocery aisles are pretty standard. They're divided in half from front to back with a center aisle.
Now I must apologize for this picture of dairy and beer, which I did not realize was this bad until well after I left the store.
And moving into the front corner, we see the frozen department with some new cases in the process of being installed.
Frozen foods currently reside in the perimeter of the department.
In the next alcove along the front wall, we find a slightly odd assortment of products that seems to be mostly beverages and tea/coffee.
Looking at the front wall emergency exit here.
Now moving along to the front-end just outside these aisles...
Looking back towards the grand aisle(s). Wegmans is the largest supermarket here in Hornell, but we have a former supermarket across town over on Grocery Archaeology tomorrow!