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TOUR: Weis Markets - Honesdale, PA

Weis Markets
Opened: 2008
Previous Tenants: Grant's > Kmart > Insalaco's > Mr. Z's (1999-2008)
Location: 1199 Texas Palmyra Hwy, Honesdale, PA
Photographed: May 28, 2023
I really enjoy shopping at Weis from time to time, even though there's none too close to me, but the truth is many of their stores are a bit boring. The Honesdale one has a bit of interesting history, though! This store was built as a Grant's department store, later Kmart, and then an Insalaco's supermarket (owned by Penn Traffic). Weis has been here since 2008, and they appear to have renovated the store roughly immediately after they opened (or maybe before -- I don't know what the transition process was like).
We enter to a very nice grand aisle, although we can tell the bones are older, with produce in the front right corner. As we proceed down the grand aisle, we enter the hot food and deli area with those service counters on the left side in an island, then seafood at the back of the island. Bakery is on the right side of the grand aisle behind produce. Meats line the back wall with natural foods and HABA in the first few aisles. That's a standard Weis layout, but pharmacy is actually with beer in the front left corner of the store. Frozen and dairy are on the left side of the store.
I assume most of the fixtures are left over from Insalaco's, but we definitely know the decor is Weis's.
Here's a look across the front-end with the hot food island on the right.
This is the earlier or simpler version of the Fresh Market decor, which later became more extensive (and colorful).
Is the flooring left over from Insalaco's here? It really seems out of place compared to the decor.
I think this is the only place in town that has a service seafood department.
And looking across the back wall, we can get a sense that the store is fairly large, at least based on the other stores around here. It's around 58,000 square feet.
The store looks really good, even if it's not a particularly deluxe or modern decor package. I don't believe it's been renovated since I've visited, which actually wasn't that long ago.
Weis maintains their stores really well, and this store is no exception. Very clean and maintenance is perfect. No lights burnt out, no stained ceiling tiles, none of the usual signs of older stores slipping.
The beer department is in the front, and has its own entrance and exit. I'm not sure what was previously in this area, but we can tell this is a much newer department.
The pharmacy is also relatively recently renovated, with elements of the newest decor  package.
Opposite that is the frozen foods department, which takes up the front left corner of the store.
Jumping back to the back wall of the store, the dairy department begins and then continues into the last aisle of the store.
The dairy cases here look newer than some of the other fixtures, and also more similar to what Weis uses in other stores.
The freezer cases also are certainly new, and in great shape.
Can anyone who's more familiar with this store or this area speak more extensively to what's left over from Insalaco's and what was new from Weis?
When the Insalaco's opened here, it replaced an older store in the same mall. We're going to take a closer look at that location tomorrow to finish out the week!


  1. The flooring in this store is absolutely, 100% from Insalaco's mid-1990's decor, and the layout is also the same from Insalaco's too (minus the beer cave and pharmacy - although I don't recall if Insalaco's operated pharmacies or not). I can't speak for the fixtures though, but the freezers look new - the little frozen alcove would have had a row of coffin coolers when Insalaco's was here, not the upright coolers with doors like that.

    1. Thanks for confirming that! Yeah, the pharmacy/beer area is definitely brand-new.


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