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TOUR: Weis Markets - Montoursville, PA

Weis Markets
Opened: 2011
Previous Tenants: Scot's Lo-Cost (1990s-2011)
Location: 801 N Loyalsock Ave, Montoursville, PA
Photographed: August 15, 2022
It's been a while since we've seen a very new and large Weis, or at least since we've toured one. So how about we take a look around Montoursville? It's not huge, at just under 50,000 square feet, but it's certainly spacious and big enough. And while it is nice and freshly renovated with the second-gen Fresh Market decor, it actually wasn't built with this decor -- or as a Weis at all. It was built as a Scot's Lo-Cost supermarket, owned by Weis, in the 1990s. In 2011, Weis switched the store over to their main banner and did what appears to be an extensive renovation on the store.
In a pretty standard Weis Fresh Market layout, we enter to the grand aisle with produce on the left side, and prepared foods, deli, cheese, and bakery on the right side, with meat and seafood at the back. Meats extend down the rest of the back wall with dairy/frozen on the left side. Pharmacy, natural/organic, and HABA are in the first few aisles.
Floral is directly to your left upon entering, and a beer and wine cafe is to your right. This is a nice setup!
I will say that I really like this era of Weis stores and I think generally they're well-run. But this decor is some of my favorite Weis decor.
I like how colorful and bold the decor package is, compared to the generation 1.5 we recently saw.
Deli and prepared foods on the right side, although some of the service counters were closed for the night.
And I really like this cheese setup! I wish the selection of cheese were larger (most of this case, as you can see if you look carefully, is other packaged deli items like hummus and stuff) but it looks great.
And bakery (closed for the night) is up next, in the back right corner. Also looking good, and I really like the wall graphics.
A look across the back wall with seafood, meat, and dairy.
Natural foods are in the first aisle with HABA after that, and pharmacy is in an island at the front of the first aisles.
Notice that the aisle markers are slightly different from what we saw in Sunbury and Faxon, likely because this store's ceiling is high enough to accommodate the bigger vertical signs. Also notice the Halloween candy in mid-August.
A vertical Snacks & Beverages aisle marker here...
Also of note is that the service butcher and seafood are separate counters here, with the butcher counter at the far left side of the store and seafood to the right near bakery.
Dairy is up next in the back left corner of the store.
Aisle 12! Frozen foods are in the last few aisles, with dairy on the outside of the last aisle.
13 aisles in total. This store is definitely large enough but it's not huge. It feels much larger than it actually is, though.
I really like the department signage that comes with this decor package.
And packaged bread is at the front of the last aisle.
A look across the front-end from the bread/dairy side...
Looking good! I enjoyed this store a lot. Up next we're headed east along the West Branch of the Susquehanna River for a stop in Muncy tomorrow looking at a former grocery store on Grocery Archaeology!