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TOUR: Gerrity's ShurSave - Keyser Oak, Scranton, PA

Gerrity's ShurSave
Owner: Joyce Fasula
Opened: 1993 - 2022
Previous Tenants: unknown
Later Tenants: Gerrity's The Fresh Grocer (2022- )
Cooperative: ShurSave
Location: 1782 N Keyser Ave, Scranton, PA
Photographed: August 12, 2020
We are returning to the city of Scranton for one more post! This store is all the way in the northwestern corner of the city just south of interstate 81. I'm not completely clear on the 48,000 square foot store's history, but across the strip mall is a 19,000 square foot store originally constructed as a Food Fair and by 1970 was sold to the local Giant Market chain, then to Gerrity's which opened here in 1993. More details are here.
On the right side of the grand aisle is deli, prepared foods, and seafood, with bakery and produce on the left side. Greeting cards are in a slightly strange alcove on the back wall, with dairy in aisle 1 and meats on the back wall. Frozen foods are in the last aisle and HABA and a pharmacy are in the front left corner.
This store, of course, features the same decor package we have seen at most of the other Gerrity's locations. This store also has a beer cafe in the front corner...
This is on the larger side for the Gerrity's, so we can see the service departments are on the larger side.
I like the look of the decor here, and it appears to have been updated fairly recently.
All-blue, as usual, in the seafood department! I'm still not sold on the blue flooring, but it's okay I guess. At least this store is consistent, which I appreciate, with the blue backsplash, blue awning, and even blue trim on the freezer case here!
I suspect this alcove may have previously been a service department, or something that's not greeting cards. It's very strange and definitely doesn't look like it was this way originally. It's not an unattractive department, but I don't think any other Gerrity's have such large greeting card departments.
And a look across the back wall...
Dairy is on the back of the produce and bakery island.
As usual, the aisles are labeled with local street names along with numbers.
Arctic Zone Selections, or frozen meats, transitions us into the frozen foods department in the last aisle.
11 aisles in total here, although the grand aisle is rather large.
Also, HABA is in this corner rather than in an aisle, opposite the service pharmacy department. Again, a larger section than most Gerrity's, except probably Hanover.
And a look across the front-end before we move along...
We are done with Scranton, but there's still a lot to see to the north of the city! Tomorrow we're traveling about five miles to the northeast of Scranton to check out an independent store on The Independent Edition!