Saturday, November 12, 2016

Krasdale Stores

Okay everyone, for my first post I'll be posting something that might be completely useless, but I know if I found this online I would be thrilled. It's a spreadsheet containing every single (as far as I could find) Krasdale-affliliated or Krasdale-supplied store, arranged by state, city, and address, along with the banner. I don't know what this could possibly be used for, but it's here for your enjoyment nonetheless.

By the way, I'm sure it's very incomplete. If there are any stores that I missed don't hesitate to let me know either in the comments or by email. I didn't include stores that are partially supplied by Krasdale (such as Supremo, which also self-distributes and buys Essential Everyday and Wild Harvest from Supervalu) or get Krasdale products through a third-party distributor.


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