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TOUR: Kings Food Markets - Cresskill, NJ

Kings Food Markets
Opened: by 1964
Previous Tenants: unknown
Location: 70 Union Ave, Cresskill, NJ
Photographed: December 2020
Our next northern NJ Kings (and by the way, we'll be checking out almost every store, most photographed at the end of 2020 after the parent company declared bankruptcy and just before ACME Markets officially took over) is here in Cresskill. It's one of the older locations, having been open no later than 1964 according to JoshAustin610.
The store is about 23,000 square feet, with an expansion out the right side. The expansion today holds the produce and floral departments, with dairy in the first aisle, seafood/sushi and then meat on the back wall, frozen in the second-to-last aisle, and deli/bakery in the last aisle.
The ceiling in this section is very low, but I don't believe there's a second floor here. Hard to tell why it's such a low ceiling to the extent that there isn't even room for decor on the walls.
As we see in many Kings locations, the floral department is light on the flowers and heavy on the assorted general merchandise. This is up in the front corner of the store.
There are pass-throughs to the main store in the front and back of the first aisle, and in the main store, the ceiling gets slightly higher, although it's still relatively low.
A look at the front of the first aisle. The doorway to produce is under the department sign on the left.
Service seafood and sushi on the back wall. Notice the one patch of old terrazzo flooring here in front of the seafood counter. I wonder why they left it!
The grocery aisles are pretty standard, but I think the store's age starts to show in these aisles with older flooring and shelving. I'm only noticing the lighting arrangement now, but that's pretty cool, how it's set up almost like a checkerboard pattern!
Frozen meat and a service butcher in the middle of the back wall. This is one of the only Kings I've seen with a full service butcher; typically they instead use a small window for special orders. Very odd, since this store is not particularly large nor does it really have any competition close by.
And the service counter is looking great, too!
Packaged meat on the back wall next to the butcher. The chalkboard-style signage we see above was almost definitely installed later than the rest of the decor, unless this was one of the last stores to get this remodel. (We'll later see a store with a lot more of this decor, and it looks excellent.)
Frozen foods in the second-to-last aisle.
I don't know for sure when this store was remodeled, but it certainly does look like it would've been closer to 2015 than 2012, which are approximately the outer bounds of these remodels. This aisle is not branded Market Square as it is in older remodels, and the departments have secondary black signage with matching script (see the butcher counter) not seen in earlier remodels.
Service deli in the front of the aisle on the outside wall, with cheese in an island facing the deli.
There's also a secondary entrance to this aisle, with the bakery on the front wall next to it. It looks like there's no in-store bakery, unless there's a bakery in the basement (but products would have to be brought up from the back, since there's no elevator or stairway here in the front).
And the front end continues to the left of the bakery. The late afternoon sun made for a nice light on the outside of the building, but a bad glare inside...
That wraps up our tour at this store! We're going to be heading to Tenafly, the next town to the south, up next for a tour here on The Market Report and another one over on The Independent Edition! Oh and by the way, if you're interested, we're right across the river from Yonkers, NY here, for a geographical comparison.