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TOUR: Bravo Supermarkets - Bunker Hill, Paterson, NJ

Bravo Supermarkets
Owner: Cesar Rodriguez
Opened: 1996
Previous Tenants: unknown
Cooperative: Krasdale Foods
Location: 74-76 E 15th St, Bunker Hill, Paterson, NJ
Photographed: August 2019
This 5800 square foot space at the end of a small strip mall in the northern part of Paterson is one of two Bravo Supermarkets that Paterson has had, the other being downtown in a very tough location, just two blocks south of the new-build Super Supermarket and five blocks north of the new Center City Mall Price Rite; that Bravo closed in 2019. Although Paterson is one of the largest cities in New Jersey, it's also been for decades one of the lowest-income and highest-crime cities. This means the big chains have long avoided it (though A&P had its headquarters in the city back in the 70s). Speaking of A&P, we also have a quick look at the former A&P in this very strip mall over on Grocery Archaeology today. Smaller, independently owned stores such as this Bravo have popped up around the city since, and this one happens to be very nicely renovated around the time the other Bravo closed in early 2019.
Nice new fixtures, flooring, and lighting! Produce lines the left side of the first aisle, with deli/bakery in the front corner near the entrance.
Looking towards the front wall of the store. I'm a big fan of the light fixtures over produce! The rest of the store has updated LED lighting. The floor has recently been replaced throughout, and I also like the wood-look flooring.
Into the first grocery aisle, we find that it's absolutely spotless. Everything is stocked perfectly! Very nicely displayed.
Meats along the back wall. These cases look to be newly updated too.
Nonfoods aisle looking a little more cramped, but still nicely stocked.
An extremely compact dairy and frozen section in the last aisle...
While the cases are very old, they have been freshened up with Krasdale Smart Value decals along the tops.
And looking across the front-end towards the deli/bakery in the front corner. It's a very nice place and clearly an important asset to the neighborhood. Tomorrow we have another Krasdale store just to the south in Wrigley Park, so come back to check it out!


  1. Paterson is one of the highest-crime cities...that's how it was the subject of Bob Dylan's hit song "Hurricane"!


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