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TOUR: Fine Fare Supermarkets - Union City South, NJ

Fine Fare Supermarkets
Owner: Hammad Siyam
Opened: 1987
Previous Tenants: unknown
Cooperative: Retail Grocers Group
Location: 601 4th St, Union City, NJ
Photographed: December 2020
This 12,000 square foot Fine Fare is a pretty substantial neighborhood supermarket for this part of Union City. We're at the far southern tip of Union City here, with the rest of the stores we saw in Union City up to the north of route 495. We're also just blocks from the Jersey City border. I know that this Fine Fare opened under its current ownership in 1987, but I'm not sure what it was before that -- the building has almost definitely been a supermarket for its entire life.
As we can see, it's clearly a popular spot for food shopping. Produce lines both sides of the first aisle, with meat and deli on the back wall and dairy in the last aisle. Frozen is in the middle of the store, and the front right corner of the store was closed off in preparation for a pharmacy that was to be moving into the store.
Very popular deli and butcher counter here in the back. As we can see, the store does not look to have been extensively renovated since the 1987 opening, but some fixtures (such as these cases) look to be newer. That said, the owners clearly take pride in the store, as it's spotless and beautifully stocked...
Much of the signage, including the aisle markers and the department signage, looks almost homemade. That gives the store a little personality, though!
Check out that juice -- beautifully stocked! And that's even with this looking to be a very high-volume store for its size.
Frozen foods running down the middle of the store. That's really something I've only seen in A&P stores, but I don't think this ever was an A&P. Any input?
Nonfoods at the far end of the store, with dairy lining the outside wall of the store.
This front corner is being prepared for the pharmacy, which seems to be an outside business. I do wish that I'd gotten better pictures of this area, but as you can see that was quite difficult what with the crowding...
That wraps up our tour here at the Fine Fare on 4th St in Union City! (By the way, you can check out the Fine Fare on 33rd St here, which is a different owner.) This store seems to do quite well despite a competitor opening just 600 feet away. We'll be taking a look at that store, just over the border back into Jersey City, tomorrow on The Independent Edition as we circle back into The Heights in Jersey City!