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Snapshot: Redner's Warehouse Markets - Milford, DE

Redner's Warehouse Markets
Opened: 2012
Previous Tenants: none
Location: 28253 Lexus Dr, Milford, DE
Photographed: December 2019
Apologies for the terribleness of these pictures. Again, most of these pictures in the Delmarva Peninsula were shot out a car window while on a road trip with family. I managed to get one shot that looks decent at the top here, but you can see what I was working with below. This Redner's is quite interesting because the 50,000 square foot store was built brand-new in 2012 by Redner's despite its similarity in appearance to the 1990s GIANT-PA store design.
Allow me to recommend reading over the comments here for more detail on what's going on, and to see a much better picture of the storefront. Really not a whole lot to see on the inside. Tomorrow, we do have a very interesting former supermarket over on Grocery Archaeology a little farther to the south of here!