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TOUR: Save-A-Lot - Milford, DE

Owner: unknown
Opened: ??-2021
Previous Tenants: unknown
Location: 696 N Dupont Blvd, Milford, DE
Photographed: December 2019
It's our first Delaware store tour! And, uh, unfortunately, it's our last. See, I was passing through the Delmarva peninsula on a family road trip from New Jersey to Norfolk -- so I was not exactly the one calling the shots. Consequently, my coverage of the area is sadly rather limited. There's still some good stuff here, though. We can't exactly see this here, but the roughly 14,000 square foot Save-A-Lot appears to be in part or all of a 1950s/60s-era ACME. In fact, it looks like the ACME would've taken up the whole strip of Save-A-Lot and everything to the left.
So it's not overly exciting but I am glad I photographed this Save-A-Lot, albeit a very rushed photography mission, because it closed in December 2020 or January 2021. Looks like it was a casualty of Save-A-Lot's switch from retailer to wholesaler. Glad to have preserved it! We enter to produce in the front left corner, with baked goods in the rest of the first aisle. Meat and cold cuts are on the back wall, with dairy/frozen on the right side of the store.
I can't say this was one of the better Save-A-Lot stores I've been to, but it wasn't terrible. I remember going to one in rural Kentucky way back maybe in 2010 or before and it was just digusting. That was my first Save-A-Lot, and I guess things just went up from there. 
This one was plenty clean but the selection was pretty sad. In these discount supermarkets, the perishable and healthier offerings are so depressing, with aisles of junk food. That, of course, is not a new observation but it strikes me every time because I don't ever shop in discount supermarkets like this.
Here's cold cuts and dairy in the back right corner.
I didn't want to go to this Save-A-Lot, but we were stopping for lunch and ended up at the Capriotti's Sandwich Shop next door. I wasn't familiar with that chain, but I was impressed. The sandwiches were actually quite good and my vegetarian family members were pleased to see they had several imitation meat products on the menu, which are very hard to find. Although, as we see, the exterior of the strip mall was recently renovated, the strip mall is still pretty rundown. And appearances can be deceiving, but neither this Save-A-Lot nor the nearby Goodwill were all that appealing so I didn't have high hopes for Capriotti's. Very glad to say I was wrong! Where I wanted to go in Milford, and where I would've gone on my own, is Gigante downtown, which not only looks like a cool international supermarket but is also a former Marina Safeway. Now I haven't been to that Gigante, but I have photographed one of their other stores which we'll be touring shortly.
Dairy and frozen in the last aisles of the store...
This is an older Save-A-Lot. I couldn't track down an opening date for the store but we can tell from the fixtures and overall appearance that it wasn't in the best shape. As far as I know, the space has remained vacant since Save-A-Lot moved out.
Looking towards the back of the last aisles.
And for a few shots of the front-end, from the dairy/frozen side...
...and from the produce side. Well, I wish I had a better representation of Delaware for my single store tour but this is what we have. We'll be visiting a few more stops south of here before we actually get to go in our next store, so come back here to The Market Report tomorrow for a snapshot just south of town!