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Major Food Stores in NJ

For anyone who is crazy like I am, you know that it can be hard to find all the supermarkets in a given area. Some don't have websites, and others are too new to be listed on Google Maps. And what about those dozens of "farmers markets" that have been popping up across the Garden State? Is there a better way to find out where all the supermarkets in New Jersey are?

Why yes, there is, thank you for asking!

Here is my attempt at a complete list of every major food store in New Jersey. I'm sure I'm missing plenty, so feel free to fill me in. Leave a comment on this post or email me at But this is - as far as I know - the most complete and up-to-date listing of every grocery store in New Jersey. A few things:

  • This spreadsheet includes the following categories:
    • Discounter: Discount and price-impact stores.
    • Supermarket: Large, full-service grocery stores with fresh products.
    • Market: Smaller grocery stores with fewer services and less fresh selection.
    • Gourmet Market: Specialty grocer focusing on high-end items.
    • Fresh Market: Produce-only greengrocer stores as well as larger "farmers markets" with services such as floral, seafood, meat, or deli.
    • Kosher Market: Kosher grocery stores.
    • Asian Market: General category encompassing Chinese, Korean, Japanese, and other Asian stores.
    • Indian Market: Stores specializing in Indian groceries.
    • Natural Market: Stores specializing in natural and organic groceries.
  • This spreadsheet EXCLUDES the following categories:
    • Farmstands
    • Convenience stores and bodegas
    • Hypermarkets like Walmart Super Centers
    • Warehouse club stores like Costco
    • Dollar stores that sell groceries
  • All information is accurate to the extent of my knowledge.
By my count, there are 793 grocery stores currently operating in New Jersey. That is:
  • An average of about 1.4 per municipality
  • An average of about 38 per county
  • An average of one grocery store per about 11,300 people
  • An average of one grocery store per about 11 square miles of land area
The city with the most grocery stores is Jersey City with 25 stores.
With 139 locations, ShopRite has the most stores in New Jersey.

For your reading pleasure, I've created two separate spreadsheets. The first is organized alphabetically by store name, and the second is organized alphabetically by municipality name. Each has the store name, street address, municipality, and category.


  1. That's quite impressive that you were able to put all of that together! It's interesting to see all of the stores in New Jersey broken down that way.

    1. Thanks AFB! I think it really helps you see that New Jersey has so many independent stores and there are very few big-chain stores when it comes down to it.


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