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TOUR: Hannaford - Pawling, NY

Today we're going to get a quick tour of a store I visited last May, the Hannaford of Pawling, NY. It's actually an extensively-renovated or rebuilt former Grand Union, although you wouldn't really know it. It's a pretty boring store today if you ask me, although very nice.

You walk into a pretty large produce department running along the right side of the store. I like the wall decor fine, but you can't read any of the lettering! They'd need to tone down the background graphics. Behind produce is deli/bakery, and meat and seafood are in the back corner of the store.

Looking back towards the front of the store. I do like the polished concrete floors, though.

Small bakery in the back corner. Although there is an in-store bakery, much of the selection here is baked elsewhere, which was pretty disappointing.

There's also a natural and organic section, under Hannaford's Nature's Place branding.

Looking along the back of the store.

A dark picture of the dairy department along the back wall.

The last aisle is frozen foods.

There's not much to say about this Hannaford, or any Hannaford in my opinion. Prices, selection, decor, quality, freshness, and overall experience are fine but nothing special.

Does anyone know whether this store was knocked down and rebuilt as Hannaford or if the building is an extensively renovated Grand Union?


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