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Snapshot: Former Fine Fare - WNY, NJ

In the heart of downtown West New York, on Bergenline at 62nd, is a small building that formerly housed a Fine Fare supermarket for years.
This Fine Fare closed April 1, 2016, ostensibly for renovations. However, it has not yet re-opened and the only permit in the window was a long-past demolition permit.
The sign has been removed from the storefront, and the closing banner has faded beyond legibility. Interesting, though, that posted in the doors are advertisements (in both English and Spanish) telling customers to "visit us at Las Palmas Supermarket". Could that mean that the owners of Las Palmas, diagonally across the street, bought out the owners of this Fine Fare and consolidated the two stores? Or does it mean someone at Las Palmas was opportunistic and armed with packing tape?

On the design of the store, the facade with the tile roof and maroon panel match the rest of the businesses along Bergenline. At some point before 2007, a decision was made to remodel all of the Bergenline storefronts between 62nd and 64th to the same design. It makes for a very attractive, if uniform, business district.

And if you're wondering what Las Palmas is like, just hang on until Friday!