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Snapshot: KEA Supermarket - WNY, NJ

Jumping back over to Hudson at 56th, we've got a quick Snapshot of a bodega that's calling itself a supermarket. But with no frozen foods and very little produce or fresh meats, I can't consider it a supermarket.
Hard to tell exactly what it used to say under the KEA decal.  Maybe "Supermercado OLA"?
While this store was incredibly depressing inside, it did lead me to discover a (defunct?) cooperative, Red & White Food Base. I know absolutely nothing about Red & White Food Base, except for the fact that it uses the same logo as Red & White products from The Federated Group. KEA, despite displaying R&W FB posters in the windows, did not carry any Red & White products.
Any input as to what Food Base is would be welcomed!


  1. Not sure if it's still a program, but it was a program that the wholesaler Jetro(same owners as Restaurant Depot) had using Red and White's products(which it sells). It was meant to help small businesses like this save money on the regular items they buy, I think.

    1. Just checked their website:

    2. Oh, I see. Thanks for the info!


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