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TOUR: El Rey - WNY, NJ

As I mentioned before, I'm really stretching the definition of tour for this group because so many of the stores are so small. This particular store was extreme. Located off the main drag, on the significantly slower-paced Palisade Ave (the block between Hudson, where Latinos was, and Bergenline), this tiny store manages to pack in a full selection of just about everything.
Unfortunately, my view of El Rey ("the king") was severely impeded by the tractor trailer parked in front...
The space around that wasn't behind this huge Goya truck was filled by parked cars in the tiny private lot.
The entrance is straight ahead in the above photo, or right behind the van.
Not quite sure how any of this connects to what's inside. There's a small seafood restaurant on this side of the building, but the store seems to be in an L-shape. You enter in the corner to the right above, then walk down a long produce aisle to grocery in the back.
The aisles get narrower from here. But this selection of produce is remarkably good for a small neighborhood market, and I love to see fresh, healthy-looking produce on the shelves in these inner-city stores.
Hand-painted signage for produce and meat in the back...
Nice butcher for a small store. Also very clean.
Looking back towards the front. There are two small registers and a customer service counter. Grocery is in a different room to my right above.
This store is not for the claustrophobic. They are a customer of Krasdale Foods, so their storebrand is Krasdale.
All the essentials. Your dish soap next to your pancake mix. That makes perfect sense. I'm not even going to attempt to describe the layout of the grocery section because
1. I don't remember it
2. It's too crazy to describe anyway
Everything you could want!
Just hope you didn't eat too many cookies last night. But seriously, that's barely enough room for one person to get through!
And if you need some medicine products? Of course they've got you covered! Like many Latin-centered stores, they had a pretty good selection of Kinder products (delicious chocolate from Germany). I have to think Kinder has a significant presence in Latin America, since it's so common at these ethnic stores.

So don't visit El Rey if you don't like tight spaces. But what an amazing selection in such a tiny space!

El Rey Farmer's Market

6124 Palisade Ave, West New York, NJ

Open Daily 8AM-10PM

My Rating: ★★★☆


  1. Wow, I don't think I've ever seen aisles that narrow before in a grocery store. I'm getting claustrophobic just looking at the photos! :) They really wanted to take advantage of every single bit of space in this building, which is understandable for these tiny urban supermarkets where space is at a premium.

    I've noticed that many stores are starting to carry the "Americanized" Kinder eggs recently, but I haven't seen any other Kinder candies around besides that. My sister is obsessed with those new Kinder eggs, so I could only imagine if she found a place that carries more than that! Next time I find myself at a Latin grocer I'll have to take a look to see what their selection of Kinder candies is like.

    1. AFB, when I was in Europe for a month or two, every single store carried Kinder. They're kinda like the Hostess Bakers of Europe (If they also made regular chocolate). I wish that they would import the real eggs and products, 'cause they're REALLY good, and practically nothing like the Americanized version.

      I live near a really nice and authentic Italian market that carries a lot of Kinder items... but they're really inflated on the cost.

    2. The real Kinder eggs are actually illegal to sell in the US, since putting a toy inside of an edible item is considered a choking hazard by the FDA. That's why they came up with the "Americanized" version to sell in the US, with the two halves. If they have the Americanized eggs now in most grocery stores, hopefully they'll start bringing some other items (like the chocolate bars) here to the mainstream grocery stores. I'm curious myself to try some of their other products, as they seem really good!

    3. Personally I've really liked all of the Kinder products that I've tried. AFB, that's really interesting that the eggs can't be sold in the US!

    4. AFB-- Yup. Don't get why they're really illegal... they could probably have some precautionary measures on the packages.

      And, oh, can't wait for the chocolate bars if they bring them... I'll be the first in line :)

  2. This reminds me of this bodega I went to in NYC awhile back. I forget where it was; but the aisles were so small that even the products that they were selling couldn't be fit in the aisles across. But they had some really good produce and selection! It's surprising how much a small space can carry.

    1. You're absolutely right, and I admire the ability of small stores like this to offer basically a full-service supermarket in such a tiny space!

    2. Yep. Sometimes a smaller store is better... this local grocer that I shop at every once in awhile has more selection than my 50,000 sq. ft. Stop & Shop. Crazy to think.


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