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TOUR: Cortelyou Market by Key Food - Prospect Park South, Brooklyn, NY

Just up the street from the Flatbush Food Coop is the Cortelyou Market by Key Food. Formerly a Met Foodmarket that had been in business for more than 20 years, this location was expanded, renovated, and rebranded by owner Khalid Doleh in 2015 to Cortelyou Market by Key Food.
The renovation included a new grand aisle with produce, dairy, and cheese on the far right of the store, new decor throughout, a revamped deli in the front left corner, an increased focus on gourmet and natural products, and an increase in size to just over 6,000 square feet, making this store slightly smaller than the Coop.
It's an extremely attractive store, however, and it has a nice combination of upscale specialty products and basic groceries. Dairy lines the left side of the first aisle, with produce on the right side.
Meat runs along the back wall, with frozen foods and deli/hot food in the last aisle. There is a cheese island at the back of the first aisle.
This store is undoubtedly more cramped than the Coop, but also has a much broader selection and just more products throughout.
Pretty clean and organized, though. Nice floor too.
Some of the grocery aisles got a little cramped, especially as the store was preparing both for the rush of that day (it was morning) and the new sale circular starting the next day.
Five aisles, six if you count produce/dairy.
Customer service, deli, and hot food in the front corner.
Looking across the front-end from the entrance. It's a very small store but quite nice! Now we head back towards Flatbush Ave for some more stores in the southern part of Flatbush.