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TOUR: Key Food Supermarkets - Flatbush North, Brooklyn, NY

At only 5800 square feet, this has to be one of the smallest Key Foods out there. As you can probably tell, space is at a premium in this area of Brooklyn! At only 42' wide, it's narrower than most tractor trailer trucks are long (53' is the standard for trailers). But it goes back 135', meaning it's extremely deep. The first aisle (left side wall) has a small produce department and dairy, with meat on the back wall and frozen on the right side wall. I'm assuming there are too many produce markets in this neighborhood for the owners of this Key Food to really focus on that at all.
Speaking of that, the owner of this Key Food is Maher Othman. I don't know whether he's related to the Othmans who own Krasdale stores, but they own CTown and Market Fresh locations in New York City and New Jersey.
Dairy lines the rest of the first aisle. These cases look like they were installed much later than the decor, which by the way resembles CTown decor. I wonder whether this location was ever a CTown.
You're looking at the entire width of the store. That's it.
The shelves are nicely stocked, though, and the owners certainly make the most of the space they have. Nice clean floors too.
As I mentioned, the store is divided into the front and back halves. It tops out at only four aisles, with the last one being lined with frozen foods on the perimeter wall.
Nonfoods line the shelving opposite frozen.
The hallmark of good design: take a decent logo. Add bevel and emboss in Photoshop. Add a drop shadow. Done!
Okay, the reason I really included this picture is because I've only ever seen this style of a sign in a CTown decor package previously. But it doesn't look like this was modified in any way, I think this was original to the Key Food.
Front end, with the registers somewhere back there behind all that additional stock. Kind of jarring to see the brand-new Key Food reusable bags with the new logo on them in this store, since it's not the most updated, to say the least! It's plenty clean and well-stocked, though. Check out a store that used to be right across the street tomorrow over on Grocery Archaeology!

Key Food Supermarkets

786 Flatbush Ave, Flatbush, Brooklyn, NY
Photographed May 2019


  1. An interesting note: the express lane sign has the old Key Food logo!

    1. Yep, exactly! It was on the outside of the store until 2011, and you can see on the storefront the Key Food logo above the red awning is the shape of the old logo.


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