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TOUR: Food Bazaar Supermarket - Bronx Terminal Market, NY

One of the Bronx's newest supermarkets is also its largest. The 83,000 square foot Food Bazaar Supermarket at Bronx Terminal Market is a seriously amazing store. The former Toys R Us/Babies R Us was converted to a brand-new Food Bazaar which opened on January 9, 2020, with the official ribbon cutting a few weeks later. I visited on the first day in business and I was not disappointed in the slightest.
You enter the store (which is on the fourth level) and turn left to produce, which lines the front wall and fills a huge room after that. You continue along the left-side wall of the store to seafood, then meat, with frozen and dairy at the far back of the store. Milk and deli/bakery line the right side wall in the back corner, with registers running along the right side wall in front of that. Grocery aisles run parallel to the front wall of the store, with a soon-to-open food hall (owned and managed by Food Bazaar) beyond the registers to the right side of the store.
Food Bazaar, which designs all of its facilities in-house, has spared no expense in outfitting this store, as we'll see. This is a very deluxe version of the same decor we saw in Flatlands.
A huge hanging octopus-inspired rope fixture welcomes us to the seafood department, which is set up as a self-service department with fish out on ice.
Directly opposite seafood is the first grocery aisle, which features exclusively sale and bulk items. The store is deep and narrow, meaning the grocery aisles are fairly short.
Obviously, every single fixture in the store is brand-new and, in many cases, custom fitted for this location.
Meat lines the back wall, with a service butcher about 3/4 of the way to the back of the store.
The hanging light fixtures with the angled circles are new for this store, and really beautiful. All of the decor you see, such as the cut wood over the meat counter, is custom made in-house.
Meat in an island in the back corner.
I don't know why I pay attention to these things, but Flatlands was the first store to use a new style of price signs, which are now being phased in at other locations. This location was the first to use the red vest uniforms, which are now being phased in elsewhere as well.
One side of aisle 17 is frozen foods, with both sides of aisle 18 under sweeping curved decor elements made with pallets.
As we've seen, Food Bazaar loves to make use of pallets in its decor. The theme continues into dairy, with a specialty/vegan case on the side wall, then the rest of the department continuing along the back wall. (Huge selection of vegan items here, by the way.)
This has to be the most beautiful dairy aisle I've ever seen in my life.
Milk lines the right-side wall. I'd say they have one or two kinds of milk to choose from here.
Deli, hot food, and bakery on the front wall next to milk.
One of the things I love about Food Bazaar's stores is everything becomes decor. A bunch of huge columns blocking your front end? No problem, just cover them with wooden beams and cool lanterns, make it look like they were supposed to be there. Need a way to show which registers are open? Sure, you could put a lame register light like everyone else has, or you could build a gigantic wooden frame affixed to the ceiling from which to hang lanterns labeled with the register number. Beyond the register, we have customer service, HABA, and the coming-soon food hall...
The name "Boogie Down Food Hall" is a colloquial reference to the "Boogie Down Bronx."
That wraps up our tour of the Bronx Terminal Market Food Bazaar! Absolutely a store to check out if you're ever passing through the Bronx. We will have one more Food Bazaar in the Bronx, so come back soon to see that!

Food Bazaar Supermarket

610 Exterior St, 4th Level, Bronx Terminal Market, Bronx, NY
Photographed January 2020


  1. 83,000 square feet -- now that's a bit more like what we have down this way! What did you think of the size difference compared to the many other smaller stores you've visited?

    As usual, love the décor here. They really go all out, and like you said, it's really cool how they make obstructions and ordinary things look super and like they're meant to be there. LOL at the milk department remark as well!

    1. I mean, I'm pretty sure this is the second-largest supermarket in all of New York City, so it's pretty huge for the urban areas. I'm from the New Jersey suburbs though, where we have a variety of sizes from these 3,000 and smaller square foot produce and specialty markets up to Wegmans of over 100,000 square feet. As for the Bronx, there are a few very large stores like this one and a few other Food Bazaars, along with some large Western Beef locations and Stop & Shops.

      The decor is indeed amazing! I can't even begin to estimate the cost of outfitting a store like this with such deluxe decor. But indeed they do... and will continue to. I'm assuming you are not as caught up on all the latest Food Bazaar happenings but in addition to this one, there's a brand-new store under construction in Harlem in a development that's replacing an old Pathmark...

      ...and they've also purchased two locations of bankrupt NYC chain Fairway Markets, which they'll switch over to Food Bazaar in the coming months:


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