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TOUR: ShopRite - Brodheadsville, PA

ShopRite of Brodheadsville
Owner: Robert Kinsley
Opened: 2012
Previous Tenants: none
Cooperative: Wakefern Food Corp.
Location: 107 Kinsley Dr, Brodheadsville, PA
Photographed: December 22, 2018
Folks, welcome to the World's Largest ShopRite!
The 95,000 square foot ShopRite of Brodheadsville was constructed in 2012 to replace an older, 50,000 square foot store around the corner. These days, it's still Kinsley's Family Market, and the Kinsley name is all around the store. It's quite the experience, but I must say... I'm not sure I find it truly an exceptional store. It's a really good store, but I feel like it would be just as good if it were 70,000 square feet instead of 95,000. In fact, it felt like the slightly smaller ShopRite of Stroudsburg had a lot more to offer.
That said, it's worth visiting just for fun, but I'm not sure I could shop here on a regular basis. We begin with the grand aisle on the left side of the store, with deli, prepared foods, and bakery departments around the perimeter and produce facing.
In the front is Doris's Cafe, with seating on the second level. More on that soon.
We begin with a prepared foods department in the front corner. Again, the ShopRite of Stroudsburg had a lot more to offer in the prepared foods department, but it's a large selection here too.
Deli is up next. This decor is similar to Hatfield and other PA ShopRites. It's not unattractive, but hasn't been updated since the store opened. It was in excellent shape at the time of my visit, but that was several years ago now.
As we see, the store doesn't look enormous from this angle because there's a lot in our sightlines. I wouldn't say the store is too cluttered, but it's certainly got a lot going on visually.
Large bakery in the back corner.
Even when we look across the grand aisle like this, it's still not a wide expanse. I wonder if that was done intentionally to reduce the size the store feels like.
As we see, though, the service departments are mostly normal-sized, despite the massive size of the store. I think center store is where most of the size comes from.
We have a dedicated natural department in the first few aisles, including refrigerated and frozen foods as we can see here. I like this flooring.
As we get out of the grand aisle, the flooring changes over from wood-texture to something more like terrazzo. As much as we are reminded we're in Kinsley's Family Market, there's still a lot of ShopRite around the store...
...included inlaid in the floor. The one part of the store where the service departments are definitely more extravagant than others is the in-store Smokehouse, for smoked meats. Pretty cool!
Meats on the back wall. Again, the decor is quite attractive, if a bit cluttered.
The grocery aisles look pretty standard, but are quite attractive.
There's space for a lot of promotional and seasonal merchandise here, not to mention special displays...
Including an entire truck. Or would you say this is more of a van?
The store is large enough that there's perimeter space for special features like this one, with wall space dedicated to just sale items.
Looking back over towards the grand aisle on the back wall.
Frozen foods are towards the end of the store, with dairy in the same area, but they're not in the last aisles as we'll see.
Here's the last few grocery aisles, with dairy and frozen in this area.
As we go around the corner from dairy/frozen, we find the large HABA department in the last three aisles or so. A slightly unusual place to put them, but the pharmacy is here too, so it works well enough.
As we can see, this is a very large selection of HABA.
And the pharmacy is at the front of the last aisles. As we frequently see, the decor gets less extravagant after we leave the grand aisle and perishables departments.
And a look across the massive front-end.
Heading back over to the grand aisle area, we find the floral department between the entrance and the registers.
Now let's head upstairs to Doris's Cafe...
Here we can get a great overview of the store, looking across the front-end. The entrance is right below us in the above picture.
And overviewing the grand aisle. We can see produce to the right and the service departments on the perimeter to the left. Doris's Cafe itself is quite attractive...
...lots of seating for people who bought prepared foods, coffee, or anything like that.
Here's a look at the service departments on the perimeter with islands for prepared foods, cheese, and things like that in front of them.
This is a feature we've seen in quite a few stores, including several Wegmans and Henning's not too long ago.
Lining the perimeter of the cafe is displays of various Kinsley's memorabilia. Some selections...
Uniforms, a painting of an old Kinsley's store... aerial photograph of a Kinsley's Market, though sadly I don't know where this was...
...and a painting of the former location just around the corner we saw last week.
Before we finish up, we're going to check out the front-end a little closer...
Like Wegmans and other stores, there's a toy train running on a track above the registers. Kinsley's, though, goes a bit further with train-themed checkout lane markers.
The railroad crossing signs that are lit up are open registers, and the number of tracks is the register number. As a railroad lover myself, I love this!
And before we leave for good, I had to get a piece of memorabilia for myself...
Just for fun! There's another supermarket in Broadheadsville, though, which we're going to check out tomorrow here on The Market Report!


  1. There are some fun things here, but ultimately I feel like the store is trying just a bit too hard to capitalize on that "world's largest" moniker... for instance, the inlaid logo and the truck display feel like a bit much. So do the lane lights and the train track, even though I agree, those are both neat to see! But with all the visual clutter (as you mention), it just all feels like a lot, and that the store is trying more to be a destination than an actual store. I think I like the cafe area the best (and I'm not just saying that because of the memorabilia up there, although that does help, haha!)


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