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TOUR: ShopRite - Hatfield, PA

ShopRite of Hatfield
Owner: Joe Miller
Opened: 2011
Previous Tenants: none
Cooperative: Wakefern Food Corp.
Location: 170 Forty Foot Rd, Hatfield, PA
Photographed: January 6, 2020
Our first of two stores in Hatfield is the ShopRite, which opened as a new-build store in 2011 owned by the owners of the ShopRite in West Chester, PA, about 25 miles southwest. The roughly 70,000 square foot store competes with an ALDI across the street and a GIANT across town about a mile and a half away.
The layout and decor feels very familiar, even though I've never been to this store before and I'm not sure I've seen this decor package in person before. It's in use at a couple of ShopRites around this area, so it felt familiar even if I hadn't experienced it. The grand aisle is on the right side of the store, with produce on the left side of the grand aisle and deli/prepared foods on the right side. Bakery is at the back with meat and seafood up next on the back wall. Frozen/dairy are on the left side of the store. HABA is in the first few aisles but I don't believe there's a pharmacy here.
It's a very warm-feeling store, with the stone texture flooring, the wood fixtures, and the earth tones on the wall.
There's a rather inviting cafe in the front corner with prepared foods lining the front part of the right side wall of the store.
Deli is behind that, with some very interesting wavy display cases. I didn't even realize that until I looked at the pictures later.
And bakery is at the back of the grand aisle. Although the store is large, it doesn't feel overwhelming. It felt like a very comortable supermarket.
Seafood is on the back wall, and a nice big selection, too.
Opposite the meat and seafood departments are the grocery aisles. I'm torn between wanting a higher, exposed ceiling and liking the warm, cozy feeling of the lower ceiling here. I think it works well with the decor.
Service butcher is also on the back wall. Notice that there are no long expanses of straight shelving or cases, which helps the store feel cozy rather than overwhelming.
The rest of the meat department on the back wall.
The lighting is done well here, with all the lights in the grocery shelving itself rather than on the ceiling. Sometimes that can cause the store to feel overly dim, but it works here.
The last three aisles are frozen and dairy.
Only one side of 15 is frozen, and one side of 16 is dairy.
I think the purple colors look worse in pictures than they did in the store. It all looked perfectly normal when I was standing there, but they look a little too purple in pictures.
And a look at the front end, with its streetlamp checkout lane markers...
That's all for this ShopRite, one of the relatively few in this area of PA. But this area of PA has a lot of GIANT Food Stores, one of which we'll be checking out tomorrow here on The Market Report!


  1. Not certain (and none of the photos show that area), but if there was any sort of space to the immediate left of the entry (where you would enter into produce) along the front wall, that seems to be where they often put the pharmacies in the newer stores (at least the ones up here that are corporate).

    Of course, ShopRite has also closed many pharmacies over the past few years, so if that was the case here it may not have been very obvious, as they tend to blend into the wall or look like an office (since some stores also have a dietician with an office in that section).

    Or they just may not have put one in in the first place.


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