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I admittedly haven't spent a whole lot of time in the western part of Pennsylvania, but we are going to nevertheless take a little bit of time to look around this part of the state! On the map above I've placed the large cities (Erie and Pittsburgh) for reference, but we're going to be spending our time in Snow Shoe, Clearfield, Clarion, and Johnstown -- the first three along the I-80 corridor in northern PA, then Johnstown roughly 1/3 of the way from Pittsburgh to Harrisburg. Unfortunately, I've never been to Johnstown, but I have a friend from there and we have a quick look at two interesting stores from there thanks to them. We're going to start in Snow Shoe, with a look at a former supermarket (the only grocer in town) on Grocery Archaeology tomorrow!


  1. really nice report on kings, i was looking around to find something and i found it , though the updates look nice i wonder if they will make it. have you been in the midland park nj store? wonder whats going happen with the kroger/ albertsons merger on how kings is being or not being run. thanks again for the great article


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