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TOUR: Foodtown - Mount Vernon, NY

A Tale of Two Four! Supermarkets

Mount Vernon, NY

Part I: Foodtown

The Mount Vernon, NY Foodtown is a 1960s (I believe) Waldbaums that closed sometime in the 1990s or very early 2000s. It opened soon after as a Foodtown owned by the same owners as the Foodtown of Riverdale in the Bronx. Let's begin with a review of the whole area...
The Western Beef is kind of outside of the central area where the others are.
(UPDATE: I realize the C-Town and Foodtown locations are off. They're a few blocks too far to the right. They are labeled correctly below.)
Today we're going to look at the Foodtown.
The Foodtown has its own small parking lot, which can be quite difficult to navigate if it's full (which it was when I visited on a Saturday evening).
The Foodtown was extensively renovated around 2012. Before, the store was pretty depressing, at least from the outside.
 The renovation brought some much-needed freshness to the area...
All 3-D map and street view pictures are from Google Maps, as usual. The last photo is from Creative Space Design, the design and architecture firm that designed the remodel. Now, obviously that nighttime photo has been Photoshopped, but the store does look great.
I was lucky to find a parking spot in the lot. Foodtown shares this lot with a strip of smaller stores behind me in the above photo.
The front-end actually is along the street and the grand aisle (produce/deli-bakery-hot food/seafood) lines this side wall facing the parking lot.
The deli counter is along the parking lot wall. I think we're looking towards the entrance here.
The layout is pretty crazy. The store is a rectangle, so you might think, how bad could it be? Problem is, the aisles don't all go in the same direction. This store has more specialty services than it was ever intended to have, so the grand aisle is also pretty cramped.
Great produce! Also notice they're not using the standard Foodtown sale signs. Not sure why.
Self-service seafood on ice at the back of the grand aisle, with meat behind me here. The street and front-end are to my right.
Meat looking down towards the other end of the store.
The first few aisles are chopped up because of the size of the deli/bakery area and a beer department behind it.
You can see how the aisles don't all run parallel! I do love the floor and shelving though.
On a side note here: Foodtown is one of the few places I can consistently find 100% recycled paper products, under their own (new) Greenway brand. Marcal used to have their Small Steps line as 100% recycled, but it's now made with recycled AND new material. You can sometimes find the Bright Green products at Acme, and I randomly came across a large selection of other brands at Extra Supermarket in Maplewood, but otherwise they're very hard to find!
All new freezer cases were installed in the renovation.
Dairy aisle with older, open-deck cases.
There's a strange alcove in the front with a lower ceiling where bread and similar products are kept. I don't know if it would have been something else originally or if it always was like that, but it's quite strange.

Come back on Monday for photos of the C-Town!


Vernon Marketplace, Inc.
31 E Prospect Ave, Mount Vernon, NY 10550
Open Mon-Sat 7:30AM-10PM; Sun 8AM-9PM or
(914) 768-4520
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