Monday, February 04, 2019

Snapshot: ALDI - Sayre, PA

Stopping quickly in Sayre, PA, a small town about 18 miles southeast of Elmira, NY, so it's very far northeast.
We see the ALDI here under construction with much of the parking lot torn up and holding construction equipment. However, the interior of the store is fully operational. Since my visit, the store has been finished.
Unlike many smaller chains, ALDI focuses heavily on exterior renovations in their store remodels.
You can see here that there is access to the entrance and exit doors with a fence around the construction areas. Strangely, there is very little signage on the storefront except that small "We're open during construction" banner that very much blends in!
I will assure you that there was no work being done at the time of my visit. Otherwise, I clearly could not have gotten this picture! When I was little, I loved construction equipment and I still hold a certain fascination for it, so I couldn't pass up the chance to photograph an under-construction supermarket between the thumb and bucket of an excavator!

Here we can see what the store formerly looked like via a Google Maps street view, and here's a look at the post-renovation storefront and interior. Very nice! This ALDI is located at 2756 Elmira St, Sayre, PA.


  1. I stop at the Tops across from this when i go on road trips through the area! It's actually a really nice store.

    1. Looks like it! I didn't get the chance to go to the Tops, but I'm actually a big fan of Tops in general. I'll have a few more coming to the blog in a little while.