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Snapshot: Route 10 Farmers Market - Livingston, NJ

Another NJ Farmers Marketing Alliance store today! Like Central Farmers Market, the Route 10 Farmers Market is a smaller-scale market, and it's also in an affluent neighborhood. I've been inside this store twice, but can't quite remember its services. I know there's a deli and a florist, but I don't think there's meat or seafood.
Its hours are actually the same as the Central Farmers Market, and I was here to have dinner on a Sunday night at the neighboring Irving's Delicatessen, a famous deli. So unfortunately, the store had already closed at the time of my visit. (By the way, I ate with my father at Irving's, and we were both sorely disappointed. If you want one of the best sandwiches in northern NJ, check out Dara's Caterers at 454 Elmora Ave in Elizabeth -- maybe while you're visiting the Elmora Farmers Market at 190 Elmora Ave! They have a fantastic selection and top-quality ingredients.)
I was impressed to see that all the carts match and were complete with custom RT 10 FARMERS MARKET handles, although some were upside down!
On the subject of delis, by the way, I'm not quite sure what happened to this poor prosciutto. I try not to support those who importede.
(You can spell prosciutto but not imported?) The Route 10 Farmers Market is located at 577 NJ-10, Livingston, NJ.